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There have been so many blogs already this semester. I'm not complaining: there was a lot to say. The Student Newspaper Survival Guide is an excellent book for those who are unfamiliar with newswriting styles and practices. I definately wish I would have had the book when I took Media Lab for the first time.

However, now that I've been a journalism major for 4 semesters, I have found that much of the book is review. So instead of trying to explain the readings in depth, I've tried to relate the readings to experiences I have had or issues I have witnessed while working on the Setonian for the past 2 years.

As the book progresses, I found that the topcs kept getting more interesting (and as a result, my blogs got longer). I started to find parallels with other classes in the major, as well as current events. I found chapter 5 to be the most relevant to this specific session of Media Lab, since it dealt with politics and elections.

I know I'm not the only one in the class who feels that SNSG is geared more towards larger universitites. As a result, some of the material, such as beat systems, is a little irrelevant for our campus. In instances such as those, my blogs were a little more abstract than practical. Hammering out entry after entry can get a little stale after a while, so every couple of blogs I try to make a pop culture reference and inject some humor. in the past few weeks, this class and others, I've mentioned Harry Potter, Spongebob Squarepants, and Gilmore Girls, but all were relevant.

 My goals were simple for this class. I know how the paper functions. I just wanted to continue to track my progress as a journalists by reflecting on the past using the assigned readings as springboards. I think I've done that quite well so far.

My primary goal was to make my cartoons more intelligent and relevant to current events. In the past, their humor always dealt with pointing out the obvious. I've decided that in order to meet my cartoon goal. that all Setonian cartoons this semester will deal with the election directly or a related issue. My first cartoon was a comment on the issue of Sarah Palin's policy experience.

I suppose that in continuing to use the blogs as a reflective notebook and trying to craft each one into a thoughtful essay instead of spewing exactly what I'm thinking at the moment, I've met objective #4 for the class. The cartoons and Kilian 5 blog dealt with issues off the hill, so they helped me meet objective #5. Since I often critique myself and work personal ancedotes into entries, I had no trouble meeting objective #7. As I hit the publish button, I'm meeting objective #8: I have a professional portfolio that relates readings to myself and current events (election) relevant to the field.


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