Screencast and reflections on Blender 3D

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The following is a link to my EL 405 screencast using Camstudio:

I didn't have any real issues with creating the video. People were talking in the background, and the volume of the microphone caused my voice to skip, so I had to redo the screencast a couple of times. I had to talked in sort of a hushed whisper, which caused my voice to start hurting after the 5th or so time. The program is fairly simple to use. It's all a matter of trial and error.

As for the actual Blender 3-D program, I don't have any real worries about the problem. There is a life-saver on youtube called"Blender 10 minute crash course". After watching this tutorial, the rest just fell into place. At the beginning, however, the sheer magnitude of all the buttons and functions frightened me. It was like looking at a foreign language. Now I know how to (simply) color, manipulate, and animate an object. I have a great appreciation for all of those animators at Pixar now. They have to spend years animating the entire movie. Just creating grass and liquid alone take endless hours. 

I still plan on my actual final project for this class being a flash cartoon.


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Tiffany Gilbert said:

Very Clear.
Also, I was lost when the guy in the tutorial explained how to split a screen. For some reason it came much easier to me when I watched yours. You did it slow enough for me to follow along...


Rachel Prichard said:

Your screencasr started out a bit like mine and made me nervous. Bit I'm jelaous becasue as you went forward in it, it got better and better. I liekd your casual tone and the things you were doing in the screencast seemed easy to you. Extruding was actually something I originally wanted to do for my screencast, but I did not feel comefortable with it to teach it. You did very well at it. The only criticism I have about the screencast it that maybe you should have just kept in the full screen mode so we culd have seen what you were doing better.

Kayla Sawyer said:

I don't think it sounded like you were whispering. It was very clear.

Learning how to extrude regions and make certain colors in specific areas was great.

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