Sometimes, the stupidity of the human race mystifies me

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 "Do the risque pages matter if teacher performance is not hindered and if students, parents and school officials don't see them? At what point are these young teachers judged by the standards for public officials?"

When Young Teacher Go Wild On The Web

I actually wrote last week's essay on this same subject. Long story short, last year it was discovered that my former high school's strait-laced choral director had a site devoted to sexual fantasies he had about his students. Naturally, after the discovery of the site (and his subsequent "resignation") copies got passed around. To say the man's stories were graphic is a severe understatement. Plus, the stories drew parallels to students he currently had. None of his former students, like myself, could have imagined the man to act on any of his fantasies; however, if he was stupid enough to post them on the internet, he may be stupid enough to do other things. My high school did the right thing by making the man resign.

It is often young people that are blamed for being too careless. But there are stupid people in every age group. You are a fool if you think even for a second that what you put on the internet is private.

The risque pages absolutely matter! There is no guaranteed lock down of your page. As I wrote in my essay, a student stumbled upon "Mr Michaels"'s sight after she saw that he had been on hers. Do adults really think that kids today don't know how to uncover an IP address or save a webpage?

 "At the same time, my work and social lives are completely separate"

yes, but at the same time, you have students that are part of the facebook world. While you may consider it part of only your "social life", facebook permeates each part of your life.

What a fool.

I think that it is a great idea for employers to check facebook profiles. 

" If teachers claim free speech protection under the First Amendment..."

I still can't believe that people who went to college still do not understand the parmeters under which this rule operates. You do have the right to free speech, but you do not have freedom from the consequences!!!

"Minutes later, access to her site was restricted"

It doesn't matter. Someone may have already made a copy and sent it to the superintendent. That it how my former HS choral director lost his job. And rightly so.

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