Holy time consuming, Batman

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Well, Flash is definately the most relevant tool we've learned this semester. However, it eats up so much of your time.

The downside to nearly completing one major in two years is that I haven't had a lot of exposure to the same types of programs as the rest of the class has. Though I must say that having Inform 7 a month prior to Writing for the Internet was a blessing in disguise.

Flash takes a lot of precise steps. They are pretty straightforward. But god help you if you screw up. Sometimes you'll save more time by starting over. That's what I did with the fading slideshow. That whole alpha step messed me up and I couldn't remember which keyframes I hadn't touched.

But I got through it. And someone, I'm going to survive the rest of this major.

I wouldn't say I'm getting "senioritis" a year and a half early, but in many ways I am looking forward to the end of the semester. I've driven myself up the wall for 4 semesters now. I'd like to relax now.

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Stormy Knight said:

Relaxation exists?

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