IF Revision

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IF revision

I have decided to continue working on the game for my term project, so I will implement the proposed changes I mention below.

Being an author, I am of course blind to the difficulties my work might possess. Testing has allowed some of the flaws in my game to come to light.

I have three different paths in the story to get to the end. One of those paths includes 3 sub-paths, depending on what the player says to Snape. However, even to start down that path requires taking the map. However, when the player tried to take an item the first time, Snape appeared. What made me think that the player would possibly know to take the map again? I think I should mention something in the map's description about how it can come up with good excuses for Harry/the player. That way, the player would already have a hint.

The only other problem when testing occured when the player had gone down this path (I wanted to test this next command specifically, so I did give her a little hint). I worked hard on the 3rd path/3-sub paths section. It contains my most creative writing and responses. Snape is supposed to throw a hissy fit when Harry tells him to lighten up. The game does not accept "say  lighten up". The player tried about 6-8 different wordings of the phrase before she got it right. I couldn't even remember the correct command. What I need to do here is allow the game to accept multiple phrasings for that command.

The 3rd path is the section I spent the most time on. If I want players to find it, than I'd better make it a little less challenging to get to.

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