portfolio two-now we're actually doing stuff

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*For those who may just be joining in, this is my second portfolio for EL 236: Writing for the Internet. The first quarter of the class was spent learning the basics of HTML programming. Now, we're actually getting into the "why and how" we write for the internet. Among some of the things you must pay attention to is the audience: who are you writing for and how can you present the information you wish to get across in an effective way? Formatting does play a role. One cannot, (rather, should not) just post a paper they wrote online. Most people do not want to stare at a screen reading seamingly endless lines of text. Graphics and line breaks help make the page look more aesthetically pleasing. Here is where our "Sarah's Styles" skills can come in handy. Creating a Web Page with HTML was not supposed to teach us how to build a website more than it was supposed to teach us about effective ways to present information online. We're putting our skills to use now*

*I just had to do a review of Nike's corporate website for Communication Theory and Technology*

While Kilian does offer use invaluable information on style and appearance (such as formatting and presentation, and how people read web pages, and wording), it does leave some room for improvement. I do have a couple of recommendations:

I thinkwe can assume that the people reading/using this book are of the college level, or at least upper-level high schoolers. Chapter 4 largely consisted of (what was for me) a grammar and AP style review. I think that a lot of writers are aware of the perils of using cliches. Someone who is writing for the web probably already is an experienced writer, and maybe does not need so much of a review on active/passive verbs, avoiding cliches, and other grammar usage issues. Kilian, your book is an excellent styleguide, but I think you need to revisit this particular section and perhaps think a little harder about the skills your readers are already bringing to the table. However, grammar exercises would be right in place on the CD, the only other area I have criticisms about.

The CD, I found, was hard to navigate. especially when pg 121 (chapter 6) told the reader to find the corporate websites. I could find no such list and instead did the review on websites in other sections. A re-organization would be wise. I think the rest of the class would agree, since we all seemed to have the same problems.   

Coverage/Timeliness: all entries were posted on time and thoroughly covered the subject material. Most of the entries are at least a page.

Our Generations's Guttenberg-basically how much computers make our lives easier, and why we should thak god we have Lexis-Nexis

The Good and the Bad

Why I Thought I'd Die

I Feel Like I'm Back in High School

The Evil Research Paper and Other Things I've Learned

Politics: They're Everywhere

Peter Pan, purring and snarling

Jumping Around

Kilian-editing text for websites exercise 1-4

Kilian-editing text for websites exercise 2-4

Website Reviews

Electronic Lit. Part 1: 4 sample texts

Electronic Lit. Part 2-in depth

good lord, I finally see the light-an epiphany of sorts: I finally see the point of a "pointless" class from this past spring

University of the Yellow Wallpaper

Oh god, here we go....Its IF time

Interactions: People liked these (since there are only two, I suspect that I'm getting too lengthy to hold people's attention....the overachiever's curse rears its ugly head)

Politics are Everywhere

why I thought I'd die

Depth: I blab, but coherently (at least I think so). I take the entire reading and do not just use one quote, since there is so much to say.

Our generation's Guttenberg

the good and the bad

the evil research paper

peter pan, purring and snarling

electronic literature part 2

good lord, I finally see the light

University of Yellow Wallpaper

Discussion: I blabbed again...but on other people's blogs this time. We're actually starting to talk about why we write, not how to create the page. There are more thoughtful comments this time around, instead of HTML tips.

Aja:There's a Deck on my homepage

Jackie: what's behind your design

consumer power

hazy maze of mirth and muck

Jed: the not so beginning of a new book

Maddie: The lost boys are so lucky and cursed

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