E finito-EL 236 project nearly done

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The title explains it all. I've formatted the pictures for the individual stories, and added them all yesterday morning. However, I was going through some old family albums and found pictures of my Italian relatives that I really want to use for the "family tree" story. So I'll scan those and add them Sunday night, then quickly upload the project to people.setonhill.edu

The project is suitable for Beta testing at this point.

Thank God.


the finished project

comments much appreciated.

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It is a very interesting story Dani, and I find that your web design ability has been improved significantly.

Anyway, one suggestion is that your website looks like a little chaos at the links. A navigation bar or a 'go back to the homepage' button will be help. :)

By the way, some links, say the link to the Wiki, will be work better if you use the 'blank' command. It will make the link open in a new page, then the readers won't lose your page.

If the pictures are not took by yourself, it might be necessary to cite them.

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