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As much as I'd like to both deny and fight it, the reality is that journalism is no longer just a print medium. It seems that every couple of months, there is a new form of delivering a message available. I can barely remember life without youtube. That may seem really sad, but it is true. Youtube has become such an integral part of our lives now. I frequently have spanish homework that consists of listening to a song on youtube and deciphering the correct vocabulary words.

I never could figure out how the heck my uncle could afford to live in the house he does: beachfron property in Daytona. He is a web marketer (and one of the founders of the dreaded pop-up). Just clicking on a banner pays off for the host website, because it is assumed that clicking translates into buying. The host site directed customers toward a product, and based on the "turn-over", or # of clicks, the designer gets paid.

Print alone does not draw in readers. Photos capture frozen moments, and real reactions. Matching a facial expression with a quote makes the story resonate even more with the public. In order to obtain these jewel moments, use the utmost sensativity when approaching an irate/hurt/upset person. 

There is a difference between censoring and using editorial judgement. One of the functions of an editor is to protect the paper's reputation, and judge whether printing a potentially offensive story is worth the possible backlash. A school paper should adhere to the school's code of conduct. Private schools, being a smaller community, tend to have more conservative views.Large state schools are more liberal and must take into consideration the views of their large population. Diversity=less homogenization. The point is, editors and advisors exists to help prevent you, the student, from making a mistake that could get you in trouble. They're not here to silence you. No one cal really be silenced anymore, thanks to the "blogosphere". It's just that people are more likely to find the information you want them to in a school paper

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