Final Project Presentation-EL 236

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As I began the exit classes for my degrees here at Seton Hill University this fall, I reflected on my life thusfar. Italy kept coming to mind. Many of my childhood summers were spent in Tuscan mountain towns. Memories of those summers are some of my most treasured.

In order to meet the new media components of this class (which included web design), I decided to create an interactive memoir, complete with pictures from those summers. All of the pictures were taken before the digital camera existed.

Each page leads to more stories through keyword links. There is no navigation bar, but there is a purpose for that: I hope that you get lost in the world of the Italian Riviera. Lose yourself in the natural splendor, while reading about my childhood escapades in the Italian hills.

If you wish to backtrack, don't fret: the first word on each page is a link back to the previous one.

What I really have to say about the class and the project in general was written in my last portfolio. I worked ahead. That blog includes all my changes.

So, here it is and begin your journey through Tuscany...

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