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Could It be? Yes, It Could! Something's Coming, Something Good!!!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the very last blog entry I will ever write for a class at this university.


Outside press on event:

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette event preview

Pittsburgh Post Gazette event coverage


And now, to unveil the final product:


On September 17, Seton Hill University held an opening gala to unveil its new Performing Arts Center. The gala was a closed formal event where donors and patrons were invited to observe the building in use. Besides a stage make-up demonstration, an open rehearsal of then current theatrical production of “Into the Woods”, and guided tours of the facilities, the inaugural music concert was held in the Carol Ann Reichgut Concert Hall.

SHUPAC Opening Gala Audio Report.mp3


The Seton Hill University Performing Arts Center features three performance spaces: the Reichgut Concert Hall, the William Granger Ryan Theater, and the Michelle and Tom Ridge Performance Studio, where most theater and dance classes are held. The next major event at the Performing Arts Center will be the theater department's production of “Red Herring”, which runs from February 26 through March 6, 2010.

And lastly, a word to those of you taking EL 336 next semester: godspeed, and whatever you do, please stick it out. TRUST ME. You will be glad that you did.