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October 07, 2005

Anonymous, York Corpus Christi Plays -- Drama as Literature (EL 250)

One thing before I start is that I apologize for this being in so late. Anyway back to my blog

God: I name you now "Lucifer, Bearer of Light."

I thought it was interesting that Lucifer was called that when later on in the play Cherub, says that Lucifer is "fallen and marred, In Hell to be burned for his prideful intent..." I just like the way the used the word light in this title. Now Bearer of Light does not mean anything.

I like what Andy wrote in his blog about a soldier complaining about pain but they're nailing Jesus to the cross. When I read that, I found it kind of funny and ironic. Andy also talked about irony and I can see where that would be ironic. To me, it's funny because it's like, why would you complain about pain when you're causing someone else pain as well. And the pain your causing them is so much worse than that.

I like the second blog that Rachel did. She talked about how the soldiers didn't realize that what they did would be something VERY important in the future. They didn't realize how big of a thing they were doing.

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