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November 15, 2005

Professor Bernhardi


Adler: And to-morrow the new is the old again. You can't really help it. I also went though all that once. But It gets depressing sometimes to have the grope about in the dark so much.

I didn't understand this play a little but I found it fairly enjoyable. I liked this line. I didn't understand why they had a - in between today and tomorrow but I figured since it was written in another country at a WHOLE other time period that it would be that way. I did find this quote to lead suspicion about anti-semitism. I know some people think that this doesn't relate to this play all that much but there was a few lines in the play that were as follows:

Adler: You were a student under the German Nationalist coliurs.
Kurt: And an anti-semite. That's true professor. I'm still one...

So obviously there was SOME sort of anti-semitism going on around that time and therefore would possibly have an effect on this play.

I also thought that it was a little shady with this direction part:

Sister, unnoticed by Bernhardi, goes into the ward in response to a hardly noticeable flicker of the eyelids on the Priest's part.

That just seemed fishy to me.

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