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December 02, 2005

We, the Media Ch 11, 12, Epilogue

As I finished reading this book I thought of what to write about for this. Instead of really doing what I usually do, which is pick a quote and talk about it, I wanted to talk about the book instead.

This book was actually really informative. I never really came to realize that an every day person can be the media. I never realized how many celebrities had blogs. It was a little confusing to read because it had technical terms that I know I'll never understand but it taught me the basics of blogging. Before coming to college, I never had to blog in my life. The closest I have ever come to blogging was having a livejournal and bloggin on myspace.com. As a matter of fact, I never blogged on myspace.com until I learned about blogging in this class. I never even really heard of a blog. I needed a lot of help in the beginning on how to use a blog and how to do things on it. This book talked about the internet as a new media type. I actually kind of find that funny because in the book before that it told us not to trust the media but to be skeptical of it. This book, however, taught me that not ALL bloggin and internet media sources are bad, I just have to look for the right one. I liked this book just as much as the last book because they both taught me things of what to look for and what not too look for.

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