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  This book so far has been careful to leave open to the Reader who is reading the possiblity of identifying himself with the Reader who is read: this is why he was not given a name, which would automatically have made him the equivalent of a Third person, of a character (whereas to you, as Third person, a name  had to be given, Ludmilla)..." (Calvino 137) 

    Calvino, an underappreciated genius of perspective, depth, originality, form, psychology,etc., is now referring to the reader, the development of the reader, whom they have become and what experiences brought them to the present. How they fit into the context of the novel, and how he expects the reader to continue to mature and question all that they are presented with.  Calinvo is sculpting his audience into what he wants them to become, he controls how you feel and perhaps why you feel that way. His understanding of his audience, or perhaps his understanding of what he wants you to become, is constantly reinforced throughout the novel until the reader cannot help but become engulfed in the world that Calvino has created within the conscious and subconscious.  

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