McLuhan cont.

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"As the book market enlarged and the gathering and reporting of news improved, the nature of the authorship and public underwent the great changes that we accept as normal today." (McLuhan 257)

"But the book was beginning to be merged in the newspaper as the work of Addison and Steele reminds us. Improved printing technology carried this process all the way by the end of the eighteenth century and the arrival of the steam press." (McLuhan 257)

This brief quote documents the arrival  of the modern day newspaper. The passage goes on to explain the differences between the primitive newspapers and the ones we use today, but the basic principles were still there. The founders of the newspaper wanted the public to be able to access the current events, and therefore this opening the public to become involved within the politics of their society. This was a major step in the development of print, and its impact reflected all aspects of culture. Newspapers/ periodicals are powerful in that they can convey potent, important bits of information to the general public at a relatively low cost.   

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