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"Long novels written today are perhaps a contradiction: the dimension of time has been shattered, we cannot love or think except in fragments of time each of which goes off along its own trajectory and immediately disappears." (Calvino 8)

   Not only does this quote reflect the flow of the novel, its also comments on how print culture has affected how we recount our past, and also how we tell/shape stories (Movies also play on this tendency).  When one tells personal stories, there is often a clear beginning, middle, and end, even though most experiences are not that concise. Because the majority of our culture revolves around stories (such as the news, the Bible etc.), our perception of time is largely affected by novels/stories. Memories are often scattered and illogical, while most novels read in a very logical and predictable manner. Novels, such as the one he is attacking, do reflect life because life does not follow a logical, seamless progression.  Yes, certain novels focused on the lesson or idea the author is trying to convey, but it takes place in a pseudo reality we often confuse as our own. 



Jeremy Barrick said:

I disagree. Our lives follow a sort of abstract time line. For instance, you are born a baby, you eventually grow into a toddler, in between you learn to walk and talk, the rest is self explanatory. Life runs on an invisible tightrope.

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