WM Douglas

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"The idea as to how I might learn to write was suggested to me by being in Durgin and Baileys ship-yard, and frequently seeing the ship carpenters..." (WM 101)

  This quote relates back to the passage in Brookfield, and how the earliest forms of writing were done by carpenters and craftspeople. On a larger scale, this reflects how the power of any tool lays in the hands of the crafter. Print culture relies on the progression of thought, and this was only made possible by those brave enough to express ideas which were pure and powerful. 



Good connection! Literacy emerges when there's a pressing need and immediate, obvious benefits for the illiterate to train themselves (or their children).

ChrisU said:

Douglass definitely had a pressing need to learn how to read and write. Literacy was his hope for freedom.

I'm curious about the rest of his tale--I wonder if he wrote about his experiences whenever he finally attempted to escape. I don't remember seeing it described in the text.

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