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"Here I was, only in my second or third adulthood, and already ready to toss it all in and something, anything else." (Doctorow 11)

    Ya its still is in the prologue, and perhaps ill post another item (not get your hopes up, I have 34234 papers/projects running around) that relates more towards text, digital culture, etc., but this quote seemed humorous and potent enough to place as my agenda item. Its a comical way to display the human condition of never being satisfied, that happiness for some, is a state of mind that they attempt to find externally before internally. Also, humans, i guess even transhumans, are constantly striving to evolve and grow, and this quest continues until the end. Even in the future, where you can have multiple stages of adulthood, incredible medical care, extremely advanced technology; reaching a level of satisfaction is just as difficult as today, or yesterday, or yesteryear.  


Gretchen said:

Hello, I like this book a lot.

Jeremy Barrick said:

Such as cyber culture, it is ever changing like human beings. An evolution that progresses to perfection.

Daniella Choynowski said:

I feel your pain David. I was up until 5:30 working on the final papaer and have countless other things to do. As long as you can articulate in class what your reactions and thoughts on the rest of the reading, you'll be ok.

The human condition can never be satisfied. The people in this book continue to live because they are waiting for something always better than the present. However, Dan has realized that life becomes empty after a while. There is nothing left for him; he recognizes the reality that mankind can never reach that perfect state of being.

Rachel Prichard said:

an emotional way of looking at something that is supposed to deal with the unemotional look at the future of technology. Good point

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