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  • Can a blogger be a journalist?  Is this particular blogger a journalist? Who decides? I guess a blogger could be a journalist if all his sources a verified, although most bloggers write opinionated entries. Oh, I suppose a article or entry that has been verified as fact is simply an article. So no, a blogger cannot be a journalist. This blogger isnt not a journalist because he does not present any sources, references. I understand to the importance to keep the material anonymous, but in doing so it cannot be presented as factual.   
  • Is it journalism if it relies wholly on archival material? Not if no one edits the entry, or browses for incorrect material.
  • Is it reliable journalism if it depends on anonymous sources (in this case, the unnamed source who provided the author with the Infocom archives)? Again, I would would say not, because the source is unidentified. 
  • Is it journalism there is no editorial oversight -- nobody to say "Woah, there, are you sure you should be publishing the full text of e-mails that were sent from one private individual to another?" No, you need to check your information and sources
  • Was the information pressing enough, or of sufficient news value, to justify a "publish first and ask questions later" attitude? No, i dont think so. While this is seems to be an extremely important matter, I dont that by withholding the information a few more months to cross check his sources would have hurt. 
  • Is it journalism if the author offers to de-publish text that the original authors don't want published? I suppose if the information is edited by the original material, ya that works
  • What opportunity for insight and subtlety was lost when the author chose to publish without checking with the sources? They could be huge caps and incorrect material, and with a subject matter that seems to be taken so serious, it was a bit foolish to jump the gun on this entry


Rachel Prichard said:

See, even He gets it and he isn't even a journalism major

Jeremy Barrick said:

I think everybody is in agreement on this subject. The guy may know what he is talking about but until he has a title by his name, I'm calling his bluff! It's a bitter battle to the finish.

Daniella Choynowski said:

Verifiyng is key. Maybe there was more to the story that what the emails told. Even the way Baio published this rubbed you the wrong way. You're probably not akin to journalistic practices. If someone who doesn't know much about the business feels it is wrong, then that should tell Baio something

ChrisU said:

Baio calls himself an "independent journalist" on his blog, and in doing so, he had to accept all that comes with being a journalist--both the good and the bad, the right to publish information the public deserves to have access to, but also the duty to publish that information responsibly.

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