Hitten the portal pt. 3

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This is the third and final installment in my blog portfolio for 336: History and future of the BOOK,in which we discuss the evolution of communication throughout history. My name is David Cristello, Im a sophomore Psy. major and accidently stumbled into this class. Hopefully this portfolio, as well as the other two I've posted, gives you an idea of the topics we've covered in class. 

Coverage: I went channel 11 on this one to bring you the latest and greatest. All entries have quotes and linkbacks, so give it a shot.

Timeliness: Up from the clouds, I delivered these on time. 

Interaction: My communication and post on other blogs. Which you should visit right after this one. 

Depth: What the Bleep do we know. 

Discussion: Its no Bill Maher, but I didnt promise much either. 

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