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   " Instead, it appears that electronic publications are generally either read by different people than those who read printed works, or are used by them differently. " (WM Kim Pang 344)

In this article, Kim Pang takes a closer look at the effects the digital age has had on publication, manager, editors, etc. He has seemed to conclude that books and digital text seem to coexist without either really competing against the other.  Personally, on a daily basis I use both forms, although i often favor print because it forces me to focus on the subject  matter, as oppose to the digital text in which i often find myself browsing the internet and becoming easily distracted by links featured on the page. Which do you prefer? And why? Do you prefer one form for academics over leisure? Does anyone have any online subscriptions or accounts? How about newsletters online? 

"The important exception is the encyclopedia" (WM 344)

Kim Pang focuses on the decline of the encyclopedia, and how the digital age, specifically the internet, although users to download the encyclopedia, or simple look up the information using the search engines. Do you or anyone you know own an entire encyclopedia set? How about a digital version? Do you often use the encyclopedia? I personally almost never use one, and often look up information on the internet first.  Also, Kim Pang mentions the economics involving encyclopedia ;price, printing, market demands; and how these factors have created a decrease sales.

I also looked at Twain and his letter regarding his use of the typewriter. His concerns for dehumanization echo in todays culture regarding email and word processor. Twain eventually went back to hand writing his letters, but his passage doesn't seem to give a negative reflection upon the typewriter, rather he prefers hand written letters. 

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