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September 02, 2005

Jacko, "Catholic Social Teaching"

"...Its broad humanistic strains can resonate with people of all faith traditions."

People of all faiths can understand the necessity of a structured, selfless set of principles such as the ones set forth in CST. Most religions, and even modern first-world societies stress the importance of selflessness towards your neighbor, and the word nobility is used in conjunction with heroism. CST and similar systems based on such a noble set of principles are absolutely necessary for achieving peace. If more people around the world were striving to exhibit the truth, candor, and humanity CST demands, it would no doubt be a better place.

Here's where I found possible conflicts in other faiths following the principles of CST:

More interesting than some of the other principles are those of human life and subsidiarity. These specifically address modern political issues, instead of purely reasons for selflessness and community betterment. They are where the Catholic opinion is included, but built within principles of respect and equality. With regard to the principle of subsidiarity, Catholics tend to be conservative, and so naturally against government involvement. Also, the principle of human life undoubtedly shows their stance on abortion, seeing as “human life at every stage of development, from conception to natural death, is precious and thus worthy of protection…” It is in these two principles that people of other faiths might find a conflict of belief.

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