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December 7, 2005

Miller, "Death of a Salesman" (Act II)

Linda plays an interesting support role in this play. In the last scene before the requiem, she tries to be the mediator between BIff and Willy, but really is defending Willy. Whenever Biff says something bad about his father, she intervenes-- but when Willy says, "May you rot in hell if you leave this house!" she says nothing. She always is looking out for Willy, and so at the end of the play when she says, "We're free," it means that her supporting role is over.

I actually liked this play more than I thought I would. When Charley says, "Nobody dast blame this man. You don't understand: Willy was a salesman," it occured to me that professions really can kill. People are always talking about doing what you love, and I think that this play illustrates why.

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December 4, 2005

Miller, "Death of a Salesman"

Miller, Death of a Salesman -- Drama as Literature (EL 250)

Linda: "...the mind is what counts dear."

Willy has driven himself insane. Finally, his bi-polaric stance on every issue is catching up with him. In every conversation he seems to take both sides. He will proclaim Chevrolet as the best car company, and then minutes later condemn them. I think that part of this is the salesman within him -- willing to morph his own opinion in an effort to please whomever he is talking with.

This constant change of opinion has caused him lose himself. Coupled with the realization that he has more time behind him than he has ahead, he begins reliving the past and goes partially insane.

What he wants from his children, he isn't getting; what he wanted from life, has eluded him. It will be interesting to see where this play takes us.

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December 2, 2005

B2-2: Blogging Portfolio

This entry shows my blogging activity in EL227 from 10/26 to 12/02.


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Dark Days for US Newspapers

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