Oh, yeah, this IS reading for a lit. class

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"I've been talking here as if you're the writer, but you know and I know that we're really readers." --- Foster, (63)

Okay, that's not entirely true. However, it did make me realize that much of what I've read in this chapter, as well as this entire book, I've examined from the prospective of a writer, rather than reader. My first thought after each chapter, (and often during the chapter) has typically been either "Wait, I do that." or "I'm totally going to start doing that."

While Foster suggests that this book is intended for readers rather than writers, I know of very few writers who are not readers as well...in fact, I really can't think of any. I really think that this book is probably just as benificial to me as a writer as well as a reader, if not more so.     

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