Kinda Anti-Climactic

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While there was some resolution, in that Annabelle and her dad and Donald moved away, Sherwin died...rather graphically, JC got his balls blown off, etc. There wasn't the sort of concise, "THIS IS WHAT THE BOOK MEANT" sort of ending. Typically, I like a little meaning...but I do enjoy a confusing, subtle and hard to find one. The Quick and the Dead seemed pretty much right up my alley in this way, but sort of lost me at some point. I guess I just got the feeling that the author has no more of an idea of what the story means than I do. I felt like rather than tossing in subtle hints, she just tossed in a collection of oddities so that if one were inclined they could spend much of their life sifting and sorting through the novel coming up with a host of different random, concise meanings, or a few really, really vague ones. (The overall message/meaning that I came up with is "The flying bananas can't talk, they just want you to think they can.") 

Also, a random thought just popped into my head. Based on what the class read in Roberts text, how could you possibly diagram this thing to determine the climax, conflict, etc? Since nothing really happened, I can't think of a way to really begin to do that.  

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