So, at this point, if it isn't Shakespeare or the Bible, it's Sophocles

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In Foster's 20th chapter he talks about the significance of scars and deformities, mentioning Oedipus Rex by Sophocles, and how his damaged feet are significant (and his name). Then in the 21st chapter, about blindness, Sophocles invariably came up again, as you have Oedipus' blinding himself, as well as Tiresias the sooth-sayer. Half-way through the introductory portion of the chapter, I realized that the movie Minority Report, is, essentially the same story, minus the incest and patricide. It's been awhile since I saw it, but there is the element of the hero not knowing he's the murderer (but in a futuristic society where they predict it in advance), The sooth-sayer psychic people who do that predicting (and are deformed...and I think blind), then you also have the constant retinal scanners, which force him as a fugitive to get eye-transplants from a back-room amatuer surgeon (which is close enough to shoving his mom/wife's pins through them).


This said, I'm trying to think of a blindman who is in NO WAY, special or prophetic. It's hard so far. Then you've also got that old Ray Carver story "Cathedral," where the blindman likewise knows a little more than those with senses. LaForge, from Star Trek: the Next Generation can see other useful things with his visor, (plus it negates the blindness more or less, thus cleverly only making him special in episodes where they had it break, get lost, etc.), Bartleby's partial blindness has a point, too. The completely sense-less character in Johnny Got His Gun, by Dalton Trumbo, likewise was important for it ........AH HA. I have it. One solitary case in which blindness doesn't denote some character as special: Jose Saramagoo's novel Blindness. In this book, the person who is the main character, and specially marked is the doctor's wife, because she is the only person who DOES NOT go blind. Then again the fact that blindness is the title, major plot devise, etc. in the novel kind of just makes it the exception that proves the rule.    

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