Water = Baptism

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Alright, I've decided that this isn't just about water, but liquids in general. As I read this section of the book (Fosters), I actually first thought of a scene where a non-water baptism occurs. In Stephen King's Carrie, the scene where she gets a bucket of pig's blood poured over her at prom is a baptism of sorts, though a slightly less holy version (Slightly reminiscent of the Cult of Mithra, which was around at the founding of Christianity, but tended to prefer the animal blood baptisms.)

Anyway, this scene is very much a rebirth for Carrie, as it is when she finally accepts the full power of her telekenisis and goes for vengeance. In this case, as in more standard baptism scenes in literature, she completely changes, becoming a whole new person.As much as the stuff before it matters too, the baptism itself tends to offer the reader a clear, sudden action to let the reader know the precise instant when the change occurs.  

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