Wow, this is Journalism?

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I checked out this review of Ken Follet's World Without End, which I listened to on CD over the summer, while driving. (It's a ridiculously long book as it lasted slightly longer than the drive from Idaho Falls, Idaho to Greensburg, Pennsylvania). Anyway, it's historical fiction set in the 1400's, in England, mostly. It's a sequel to Pillars of the Earthwhich takes place in the same place a few hundred years earlier, and deals with some of the characters descendents.

Anyway, the most interesting thing about the review is the fact that the writer actually used similes, and flowery language. I took Journalism classes for a couple years, and apparently NOTHING relating to the Associated Press style relates to book reviews....which makes them far more pleasant. The reviewer did do the stuff that we talked about in class. There was a decent amount of detail regarding the first chapter, and virtually no details about anything after the middle. It was noticable how they got more vague as they continued on with the plot summary, causing it to eventually blend with the general description of the book. They left the slight criticism until the end, and more or less refuted or explained each mention of it.  


Melissa Schwenk said:

I didn’t really notice a lot of flowery language in most of the book reviews that I looked at, but maybe it was something that that reviewer was able to get away with and do it masterfully. I doubt that it’s typical to have a reviewer use language, but then again the book is over a thousand pages so maybe she thought only dedicated readers would pick up this book to begin with.

Dave said:

I guess flowery might be pushing it...but it did have a few metaphors and similes, and descriptive language that would certainly never fly when writing in standard AP style.

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