Wow, so THAT'S what irony is....I NEVER knew that

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That was by far the most enlightening chapter I ever read. Apparently, writers often mean the OPPOSITE of what their words actually say. Beyond that in some cases they even go so far as to vastly exagerate their sentiments toward something they actually feel the opposite way about. I had never even HEARD the word hyperbole before reading this. Suddenly Samuel Clemens, O. Henry, Alexander Pope, Geoffrey Chaucer, Dave Barry and South Park all make sense to me.

(If that actually happened I would literally, have about 3.7 solid years of laughter to catch up on)

Anyway, despite my obvious, and extremely intimate familiarity with the subject of irony, this is not a useless chapter. (It just so happens that the lobe in my brain that is meant to take care of time-management and punctuality, has mutated and become a second wit-lobe)

However, in all fairness, if more people were aware of irony, and had a far better grasp of its use and meaning,  I would have about 1.2% more free time, as I wouldn't have to explain so many jokes....or those random outlandish, yet ironic phrases that tend slip out of my mouth.

SO, to sum up: If you find yourself spending an inordinate amount of time trying to determine whether to laugh at what I just said, or seriously respond.....go get yourself a copy of Writing About Literature by Edgar V. Roberts, and read chapter 11.



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