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Okay, in the Wizard of Oz, we talked a bit about economical references. Silver slippers up the yellow brick (gold) road, etc. The symbolism I came up with is this:

The first two are sort of obvious and easy:

The tin woodsmen is Industry, while the scarecrow is agriculture. Besides their role's etc. There is the stereotypical suggestion that industry, and cases industrialists themselves are "heart-less," as well another stereotype that farmers are unintelligent.

Dorthoy, is the future, or the people, or the children or something like that.

Toto is a doggy.

The cowardly lion is a bit more problematic, but I could see him as symbolic of certain politicians, who could in some cases be charged with lacking the courage to fight on behalf of their convictions.

Oz, is thus the president. I think this is another easy and obvious connection to draw. For all his amazing reputation, and illusionary grandure, he's just a man, and a man who can't do all that much; or at very least all the amazing things that people expect of him. Despite this, he can offer encouragement (or deception) to make you realize what you already had.

He could also be more symbolic of the government as a whole, given the idea that all he can give you is stuff that you already had (taxes?). But if that's the case, then the lion might be activists or something, the sort of people who speak out against problems, but lack the courage to run for office, and make a change? I dunno.

It feels as if there is some connection here, but the equations aren't as overt and cleanly linked as, say Animal Farm for example. In that you can actually equate specific characters to real historical figures and segments of the population. I think I found SOMETHING though.

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