Computers are running the world! Its like A.I. all over again!

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"My next step is Winn-Dixie, the supermarket, which turns out to have a particularly onerous application process, featuring a twenty-minute "interview" by computer since, apparently, no human on the premises is deemed capable of representing the corporate point of view." (13 Ehrenreich)


this did not suprise me at all.  there seems to be no one on one interviews anymore except for a few select places.  how can you get to know if a person is right to work in a company or not without actually talking to them and meeting them?  what happens if someone is great with computer tests and has a crappy personality?  i think that company would need a very big bandaid for the big boo-boo that they made.


Deana, don't forget to post a link from this page back to the course web site for this reading.

Erica Gearhart said:

I agree with you. I have had a few part-time jobs, and I have never had a real interview. All the places I have worked have had problems with empolyees too. No wonder when they hire anyone off the street who meets the application requirements or who is available when needed.

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