It takes just a little bit of skill

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"Advertising is one component of marketing:  It involves the development of the ad itself (for print, broadcast, etc.), the positioning of the ad, the consideration of how the ad fits in with a larger ad campaign.  You see all around you the manifold ways in which ads are presented and positioned:  It's not just developing a five-by-seven spot in a newspaper"  (Lemire 188)


when i was going my job interview for high school, i actually went to a local TV station and stayed with people there all day.  i got bounced around and found out just what everyone did.  the people that i had the best time with and the most interest in were the people down in the basement who make the commercials.  as soon as we had got acquanted though, they gave me my first task.  they wanted to see what i was all about and challenged me to write dialogue for a commercial that they had already made.  it was for a local pizza place.  i sat and work down my ideas and when they read it they told me that maybe i was cut out for writing.  there job really does have a lot to do with writing and how to writing something to intrigue the viewers interest.  i thought it was soo interesting.  i think that it i cannot make it was a free lance writer, i would go into making commercials or maybe even do that on the side.  its a great way to learn about how to play on words and intrigue the views to catch their attention. 

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