Nothing to be Embarrassed about....

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"I probabley shouldn't have done this and you're going to think it's really silly...." but she's brought me a sandwich for lunch.  this is because i'd told her i was living in a motel almost entirely on fast food, and she felt sorry for me.  Now I'm embarrassed, and beyond that overwhelmed to discover a covert stream of generosity running counter to the dominant corporate miserliness."   (Ehrenreich 163)


why would she have been embarrassed?  there are some people who literally live in hotels/motels because thats all they can afford.  i mean sometimes it would be a heck of a lot cheaper to actually just have an apartment or what now, but still.  there is no reason for her to be embarrassed because someone is helping out.  did she not mention early about going to church to find people from WIC?  thats still someone giving stuff to those who need it.  she makes no sense!

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