True Life, true things.

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"Nothing is perfect.  This is one of Mrs. Hopewell's favorite sayings.  Another was: that is life!  And still another, the most important, was: well, other people have opinions too"  (O'Connor 169)


i really liked this line because these are sayings that we heard almost everyday in one way or another.  maybe not the same words, but something similar.  How much more true could have these words been.  isn't this how we live out life?  Nothing is perfect, there is always a flaw somewhere; That's life, yeah if something bad happens but there is always a brighter side, thats just life;  and well, other people have opinions too....i dont think that i need say any more.  its just real life but in a different time when the book was first written.  crazy huh?


Angelica Guzzo said:

This is very true. We hear theses sayings all the time.

Stephanie Wytovich said:

You couldn't have said it better. Stuff happenns, but it happens to everyone so you just have to learn to accept it and move on. I totally agree with you.

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