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Avoid Distractions

Stay On Topic

If you are like most students writing a short paper, you will stare at the computer screen for a while until you come up with a title. Then you will pick your way through your topic, offering an extremely broad introduction (see Glittering Generalities, below). You might also type in a few long quotations that you like. After writing fluff for a page or two, you will eventually hit on a fairly good idea.  You will pursue it for a paragraph or two, perhaps throwing in another quotation.
By then, you'll realize that you've got almost three pages written, so you will tack on a hasty conclusion.  Hooray, you've finished your paper!  Well, not quite.  At the very least, you ought to rewrite your title and introduction to match your conclusion, so it looks like the place you ended up was where you were intending to go all along.  You probably won't get an A, because you're still submitting two pages of fluff; but you will get credit for recognizing whatever you actually did accomplish.
To get an A, you should delete all that fluff, use the "good idea" that you stumbled across as your new starting point, and keep going.  If you want the "A", you have to work for it.  Even "good writers" have to work hard (in my class, anyway).

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I'm a bad stickler for this one.  i always some how get side tracked on making another point apart from the one i started out talking about.  its not that a train of thought is lost, it just pops up and like a spastic child with ADD you can't help but just switch and your off of a different track.


Whod'a Thunk It

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The act of throwing snowballs at cars. The term was coined by Michael DeRobertis of Scarsdale, New York, in the early 1980s. The word comes from the sound made when a snowball is thrown at a car, moving or parked. The term stems from the sound created when a snowball makes a direct hit with one of these "drum-like", hollow panels - "BOSH!!!"

Let's go Boshing - Throwing hard showballs, or iceballs and hitting the "drum-like", quarter panels of cars. "Bosh!!!!"


I choose this word because I always hear about kids from my area doing this but I never knew that there was an actual name to it.  I was amazed when I found this entry on the Urban Dictionary website.



Books that are normally written by and for young women that are usually humorous.

I love Confessions of a Shopaholic. I can relate so much


I felt that this was very sexiest because what do you call literature that is written by a man?  A book?  I just felt that this entry was interesting.



Similar to "peace" or "peace out" taken from the hand siginal that means "peace"

I'm outta here, man, see you later, deuces


My friend in the service always says deuces before he leaves and I never knew what he meant by that phrase until I found out the it’s the same thing as saying peace.  I’m learning so much.



Toilet paper. So named because it goes around Uranus wiping out Klingons.

"Hand me the Shatner, will ya?"

This entry was just funny.  I never knew that there was another name for toilet paper.  I was amazed when I saw this.  It just made me laugh and I had to pick it.



Sleep,rest, or time when the body is restored

Have you gotten some shut-eye recently?
Nah, been working 24/7.


I choose this word because I did not know if it was a Pennsylvania thing or if another people in different states say it.  But I know that there are lots of different phrases that different people use in different areas.


Even penguins have problems

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Fluffy little birds that live where its cold

Flightless birds prowling the seas not skies

To feed their spouse and one day their own spawn

Just like married couples problems they'll have

With wings they'll beat and with screeches they yell

Sharp beeks can hurt but be glad it ain't you

They'll peck and nag, screech and squack to eachother

Yet still in love as the sun breaks the dawn.

Tomorrow shall be no different, still in love

They found eachother they won't ev'r let go

They'll soon hatch an egg they call their own

 A perfect family of penguins, thats all.

I think it's finally starting to sink in.

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Over the last half of the class, I feel that I'm starting to learn more and more and that things are becoming not so difficult for me to personally understand.  I have been more able to express my opinon on how I've read things and interpreted them.  Everything seems to have a purpose and meaning and it feels great to have the sense of accomplishment. 


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