Even penguins have problems

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Fluffy little birds that live where its cold

Flightless birds prowling the seas not skies

To feed their spouse and one day their own spawn

Just like married couples problems they'll have

With wings they'll beat and with screeches they yell

Sharp beeks can hurt but be glad it ain't you

They'll peck and nag, screech and squack to eachother

Yet still in love as the sun breaks the dawn.

Tomorrow shall be no different, still in love

They found eachother they won't ev'r let go

They'll soon hatch an egg they call their own

 A perfect family of penguins, thats all.


Jeanine O'neal said:

I LOVE penguins... thank you for writing about the most cutest animals in all creation. They are so underappreciated.

A "squack" sounds bold and brasher than a "squawk"
And perfectly describes such penguin talk.

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