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December 02, 2005

Tribune Review

It was interesting to read the paper today the 29th. I saw a lot of feature articles including "Public school is first in New Orleans to reopen since Katrina."
I thought this article was the best in the paper. Not only was it news but it was also interesting. The article was very heart felt and touching.
It is really sad to think that sometimes I say I hate my life, but then after reading this article it made me appreciate what I have right now. A bed to sleep in, a house and an education. Many students down in New Orleans are not in school nor do they have a house of their own.
This story really made me realize that my selfishness and greediness is not worth it when there are many innocent victims of Hurricane Katrina sufferring from this tragic event.
This article was a kick in the butt thinking that I do have it 'good' after all and to be thankful.

Posted by Denamarie at December 2, 2005 08:29 AM

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