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January 29, 2007

Oh, Melville

"As he thus responded, Captain Delano again glanced at Don Benito, but the latter's eyes were averted; while abruptly and awkwardly shifting the subject, he made some peevish allusion to the calm, and then, without apology, once more, with his attendant, withdrew to the opposite bulwarks, where the whispering was resumed."

When I read these lines, I thought they described the relationship between the two seaman. Delano is wanting to help, but Don Benito doesn't care for his attempt and leaves Delano wiht little or no information. When Delano goes to other sailors to find the story out, Cereno abruptly interupts like there is something that is not allowed to be public.
This came after Benito questioned Delano's approval of his seaman going on midnight fishing parties and not being well armed.
Cereno is a strange man who is very nervous at all times and aloof. Delano is seen as a patient, forgiving man that figures out that Cereno is both sick and perhaps a little mentally troubled due to all his problems with his ship and crew.
This line gave me a funny feeling about Benito's servant; however, earlier he said he trusted his servant, Babo.

As I read on, I also found another line that also showed the feelings towards one another.
"There was a difference between the idea of Don Benito's darkly preordaining Captain Delano's fate, and Captain Delano's lightly arranging Don Benito's."
It seems that Benito dislikes Delano's presence on his ship and is stirring up a lot more trouble with his crew. To me, Delano wants to help Benito all he can, but this is troublesome because he can never hold a steady conversation due to his illness and his servant constantly pulling him away.

Posted by Denamarie at January 29, 2007 12:00 PM

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I found the whole Babo thing interesting too. I kept wondering why Cereno kept acting strange when he was being shaved. Once I read the end I just thought woah! Babo probably would have killed Cereno if Delano hadn't been there. I don't blame him for his constant shivers. At least this was a story where everything actually makes sense at the end.

Posted by: Sue at January 31, 2007 4:47 PM

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