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April 9, 2007

Fan Fiction and Literary Criticism

Thank you Diana for starting this wonderful blog carnival that I know we all love to do.

FanFiction Blog Carnival

Diana is questioning FanFiction and how it should be portrayed in the literary world. To start off, let's explore the true defintion of FanFiction. It is defined as on dictionary.com a fictional account written by a fan of a show, movie, book, or video game to explore themes and ideas that will not or cannot be explored via the originating medium.
So bascially, FanFiction is an exploration of a world that would never be experienced on a normal basis. Examples of FanFiction are: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Goosebumps and Chornicles of Narnia.

Authorial intent is an integral part to FanFiction.The creator of the fan fiction wants a certain story to happen with the characters of the original work, so they write it in order to make it happen. The intention of all FanFiction it to create a world and characters that are out of the norm and experience situations that would never occur in a normal society. This intention is to allow the readers to step out of the real world and to let go and just be free with their imagination. Like Karissa said on her blog, FanFiction is an ORIGINAL authorial intent--not insofar that it is deriving something the author didn't intend, but that it deviates from the author's style and becomes a kind of Frankenstein of the original writing.

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