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So this is my final rough draft of my Dads Raising Daughters website. With this website, I tried to inlcude helpful information to those fathers who are raising daughters alone. With my personal experience, I feel that my advice is more helpful than a doctor's.

I want to appeal to both the fathers and the daughters. Even though my sight is small and only 5 pages deep, I think I was able to include enough information.

I have some questions.

Does my site seem appealing to both audiences?

Is the background distracting? Colors?

Does anything seem unnecessary or wordy?

Is the overall format ineffective?

I hope everyone else is having a great time with this term project and if anyone has any questions or needs a tester, email me. Thanks.




Dena - I love your site.

To respond to your questions...
1. I think that both sides can find what they want here. The site clearly seems to be more geared to the dad looking for help, but I'm sure if a daughter fell upon your site, she'd be willing to show it to her dad because it has such a strong and well expressed daughter voice. (Since you're technically saying it, the daughters might feel better about showing their dads this site because it's coming from you, and they don't have to be the one that does all the are doing part of it.) I think both sides are certainly going to find what they need out of your site.

2. Honestly, I didn't even notice the background right away, so I think it's fine. It's not plain white and it's not overpowering so I think you made a good choice in that department.

3. Your content is good, I wouldn't know what to change or even if you need to change anything.

4. I think your site is well done and effective. It's simple and easily gets to the point on each issue dads raising daughters will need to know about. I'm sure some guys will get good use out of it, because you get right to the point and don't hint around the truth - you just say what needs said.

I think it's very well done. Nice job!

Jed Fetterman said:

I think that your site is very good. I did not have the time to read the content in depth, but it looks like you did what you knew that you could do, not too much or too little. I don't think the background is distracting at all; on the contrary, I think that if you are going to change the background, I would make it a little more interesting. It did not look like anything was to wordy; there were only two or three paragraphs a page, which is not that much at all. I thought the format was effective, and did not confuse me at all. Keep doing what you are doing, it looks very good.

Daniella Choynowski said:

1. I think that while the site seems to be written for the fathers, both parties will find appeal. Girls will like that you're speaking from personal experience and not just offering general tips

2. The background I found to be a little off-putting, like you had just forgotten to add a color. I suggest a pastel, so the color is subdued enough to not take away from the content

3. The perfect amount of information-it's good that you provided links to other sites that elaborate on the issue.

4. The format is great-I would just suggest adding a navigation bar over the links in the upper left hand corner.

Aja Hannah said:

I think your site is very well put together. I just think the front page is still a little wordy. Especially with the chunck of text at the bottom.

Perhaps cut up the paragraph or the words. The homepage is the first page a person will probably see. The rest of the pages are great.

Also, the title is a little choppy on the homepage. The colors on other pages, pictures, and text are all spot on.

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