I am my own worst critic

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I am my own worst critic. No matter what I do to a website or for any other project, I will always have more criticism to give to myself than others do.

I am passionate about the subject that I'm working with so I will be able to criticize myself more than any other person because I have been through this experience and I know what I want to include on the site but nothing is ever good enough.

While doing the alpha testing, I was able to get ideas from other classmates as well as get tips on how to do something to my own site. While my site right now is very plain and boring, I received tips and feedback on "spicing" up my site with a different background that is family related or father/daughter related.

I asked a question on a previous blog on whether or not I should include a page that describes my personal experience with this subject. Many classmates told me that I should and even proposed ideas that maybe I could get other women's experiences to put on the site that explain their experience with being raised by a daughter.

While my information is good, I was told that I just need to make my site a little more interesting.

Here is what the site looks like now.



I think that's a good place to be at the alpha release stage, Denamarie. I look forward to talking with you tomorrow.

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