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While doing the alpha testing, I was able to get ideas from other classmates as well as get tips on how to do something to my own site. While my site right now is becoming visually attractive with fonts and backgrounds and other images, I still need to fix the headline color because during my beta release, many of my classmates told me that the pink color was to distracting and overwhelmingly bright. I asked a question on my alpha testing blog about whether or not I should include a page that describes my personal experience with this subject.

Many classmates told me that I should and even proposed ideas that maybe I could get other women's experiences to put on the site that explain their experience with being raised by a daughter. I still have not created a biographical page about myself or about others who have experienced this in their lives. I have decided to just write about my own experience and not about others. Chelsea viewed my site during the alpha testing and explained to me via blog that she thinks that I should put my own story in my site because if a father came to the site, he would be able to see a success story so he knows that, 'Yes, this actually can work out'. This is the main idea for my final release of the site, to give single fathers some confidence and a relatable source and website to turn to for advice. I am slowly but surely working on this page. It’s harder than you think. With this website, I am trying to include helpful information to those fathers who are raising daughters alone.

With my personal experience, I feel that my advice is more helpful than a doctor's. I want to appeal to both the fathers and the daughters. Even though my sight is small and only 5 pages deep, I think I was able to include enough information. I still have some lingering questions before I can finally say my site is complete. I want to make sure that my site seems appealing to both the fathers and the daughters. Not only does the father need advice, but the daughter could read about another girl’s success story of growing up with a single father. I have also been confused as to what I should make the background. I wanted something subtle and friendly. As of now, my background is a picture of a father and daughter holding hands. I think that this picture works well with the theme of my site, but sometimes I think it is too forced.

As I look over my site, I noticed that some of my pages have long paragraphs. For my final release, I plan to make these into bulleted lists and clean up the overall format to make it sufficiently effective. I want to make the pages shorter so that the reader doesn’t have to scroll down my pages to finish reading my advice. Within the next couple of days, I will be cleaning up the site. I think that at this point, everything is pretty much done; I just need to fix some things up a bit.


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