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I am my own worst critic
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A Way to Teach Research Skills
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Eliminate the Possibility of Questions
Interactive Fiction Website
I loathe Interactive Fiction Games
From: Denamarie To: Kilian
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I Don't Want To Grow Up
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Hurricanes Forever - A Short Story
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Can I Persuade You?
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A Gladitorial Fight with Rubber Crutches
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Tell me how you really feel, Neal.
People aren't perfect until they smile =)
Oil prices + M.B.A grad student = One Pissed Off Man
Internet etiquette? WTF?
I just don't understand why you won't work
YAY for me.
completely frustrated
UGH. I hate HTML's.
These teachers are educating the young minds of the USA?
A Vicious Mockery
Keep the professional and the personal seperate.
OMG, u cant b 4real?!
I think therefore I blog
Thanks Jay.
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Literature as my mother
Fan Fiction and Literary Criticism
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A popular subject: Art
Perkins, Gillman, Perkins Gillman, Stetson???
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enjoy the beauty and power of your innocence
Yeah, what he said
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Study of Language
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we can learn from literature
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I am living in a prison
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Malibu had her snow boots on
Enough with this already
What exactly do you want out of me?
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A very sneaky narrator
Words and Clauses
Show Or Tell
Literary Criticism Portfolio
Brooks & Irony 101
Pay attention to the actual text and not author intent.
Great job, Gonzalo
The Tempest
Wordsworth, you are the man.
american classic by accident?
words = a sentence that represents a thought
What are your intentions?
Mentally unstable? You could say so.
Oh, Melville
What is Literature?
Tradition and the Individual Talent
Bedford Glossary of Critical and Literary Terms
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