April 25, 2005

Out of this World

Aesthetics initially, is a response conditioned through the senses; something used to sense beauty. Intrinsic means that something had it already within itself.

Inside "Aesthetic Judgments of the Natural Environment and Aesthetic Communication, you will find aesthetic qualities listed by Gestalt.
It consists of sensory qualities that have to do with the senses. Affective qualities like metaphors and personification. Imaginative qualities like a mystery. Behavior qualities, which are responses to affective qualities and reactive qualities like when, so you laugh or cry? Responses to affective qualities. Character qualities, majestic overall. Symbolic qualities "butterfly means freedom". Historical qualities, something that makes you think of ancient tradition.

In class we discussed trying to fathom amazing things in the world and it's beauty. For example, how the world was created. The world and how it all connects so perfectly is amazingly beautiful. But I, as a human being, really can't fathom it's complete beauty. Like the sun and how its a ball of burning gas that will eventually burn out, but has been burning for millions of years. It's really impossible to understand it.

However, my point being, there are many aspects of beauty and what we consider beautiful. Nature is one of those things that is beautiful and continues to amaze us, the more we learn and try to understand it.

Posted by Denishia Salter at April 25, 2005 09:42 AM
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