May 09, 2005

New Vs. Old Titanic vs. A Night to Remember

Amanda did a presentation on ďThe Analysis of Cameronís Titanic and Bakerís A Night to Remember. She first examined the mediums that were used to express the tragedy of the Titanic; for example, films, books, posters, etc. She stated that the Titanic was an ďaesthetic piece of artwork that influenced the way we look tragedy and elements.Ē

Amanda stated that Cameronís precursors such as, Clive Cusslerís, Raise the Titanic, Walter Lordís book: A Night to Remember, and Roy Ward Bakerís adaptation of Lordís A Night to Remember, were works that lacked realism compared to Cameronís Titanic and that is why they did not leave such a lasting impression like his work.

She then focuses this argument specifically on a comparison between Cameronís Titanic and the film by Baker, A Night to Remember.

ďThesis: While James Cameronís Titanic and Roy Ward Bakerís A Night to Remember both depict the tragic sinking of the ocean liner: R.M.S. Titanic, Cameronís 1997 interpretation of the April 14, 1912 tragedy and the days preceding the sinking, surpass the Bakerís 1958 production; through plot, characterization, dialogue and acting and special effects, Cameronís film achieves a realistic aesthetic that Bakerís linear style lacks.Ē

She then goes on to compare the two movies and particularly the acting of the movie, seemed to be her focus. I felt that Amanda had good points as far as the acting. The actors in Titanic are more dramatic, the added plot and the focus on the specific characters gives the film more depth and gives the audience a real look inside the people who were on the Titanic. Instead of just a look at how the Titanic sunk. And the acting does portray more realism, if not a little overly dramatized, then the characters in A Night to Remember.
However, many argued in class that the Titanic was again a remake from A Night to Remember, therefore, the director had a chance to build off someone elseís work and ideas.

Also, another thing to take into consideration is the fact that Titanic had a huge millennium budget. Therefore, there was more money spent on graphics and making the ship look real and really emphasizing the sinking of the ship. Just like the rays in Metropolis. The scene went on and on because the director was showing off how much money he spent on the graphics. It was also determined that the Titanic did a lot more creating to establish realism. And A Night to Remember stuck to the facts of what happened. And being the journalism that I am, any time the facts are stated that is more real than creating something or opinion.

Still, I believe that the characters in Titanic were more believable and had a lot more depth. I personally am a big fan of dialogue; I donít focus on the aesthetically pleasing graphics or camera angles. I focus a lot on the actorís faces and what they are saying and how they are saying it. Therefore, I would say that Titanic was more real in that aspect, but as far as more realism than A Night to Remember I would have to disagree. Amanda may want to reevaluate her thesis.

Posted by Denishia Salter at May 9, 2005 11:20 AM
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