May 09, 2005

Aesthetics Part 3

The following entries consist of blog entries that concern media, online and print journalism, Titanic, architecture and the human body, outer space, advertising, and the show Alias.

Online Journalism vs. Print Journalism-In a time where blogging is considered journalism and thousands of websites are being built daily; it seems that traditional journalism, may be in danger of becoming extinct.

Out of this World-Aesthetics initially, is a response conditioned through the senses; something used to sense beauty. Intrinsic means that something had it already within itself.

Inside "Aesthetic Judgments of the Natural Environment and Aesthetic Communication, you will find aesthetic qualities listed by Gestalt.

Strong women as characters-Frances H. Early states in "Staking Her Claim: Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Transgressive Woman Warrior that, " In the last several years, the rise of the indomitable tough woman has become an especially pronounced feature of television "episodics." The age of the tough-gal action show seems at hand, and women, warriors such as, Xena, the Warrior Princess, La Femme Nikita, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer have become wildly popular, especially among young North Americans." (11)

Reflecting On Textual Memory-In the 5th grade, I was in a program at school called GATE. This program consisted of gifted or exceptional students. In this program the students were required to do certain projects and studies. One of the projects my group chose was the study of the Titanic and the history of the tragic voyage.

Love yourself-The media, particularly television and magazines, participates in perpetuating the images of women and men in society and how they should look in order to be viewed as beautiful. Though some media has positive effects, most of these effects are negative and are impacting the way women and men are viewing themselves.

Architecture and Media Aesthetics-Anne’s presentation Compared Architecture to Media Aesthetics: Ten Books on Architecture. The book she discussed was written by an architect by the name of Vitruvius. This book that consists of his work Anne said was one of most “influential pieces of work on other architects.”

Alias-Johanna’s presentation, filled with action figures, DVD’s, books was a thoroughly researched background and analysis of the hit T.V show Alias.

New Vs. Old Titanic vs. A Night to Remember-Amanda did a presentation on “The Analysis of Cameron’s Titanic and Baker’s A Night to Remember. She first examined the mediums that were used to express the tragedy of the Titanic; for example, films, books, posters, etc. She stated that the Titanic was an “aesthetic piece of artwork that influenced the way we look tragedy and elements.”

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