September 29, 2003


Coming up with those two leads in class was really fun. I enjoyed the challenge of trying to think on my feet. This class is teaching me a lot about journalism. It's hard to keep up with all the terms and what not, but writing leads in 15 minutes is fun for me. I hope we do more.

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September 24, 2003

More Homework Exerices 8-9


1. Who-5 of 6 alleged heroin dealers
What-Made deals with prosecutors
Where-at a Unity Township mobile Home
Why- netted in a raid for selling
Summary Lead

2. Who-Richard Grasso
Why- money package
Delayed Identification

Who-Stephanie Bridge Jr.
What-disussed goal of bringing back turkey
Why- Mining isn't done they it used to
How- by planting clover and other vegetation
Immediate Identification

4. Who-hiring practices (Toni Richey and Anders Johnson0
Where-Salem Township
What-under scrutiny by the Pennsylavnia Human Relations Commission
Why- rejecting a claim of racial discrimination filed by Diane Washington
Delayed Identification

5. Who-federal appeals court
Where- U.S State of California
When- Tuesday the Oct 7
What- reinstated recall vote date
How- recall campaign
Summary Lead
6. Who- school directors
When- Monday
What-reviewed plans
Why- for proposed middle school and highschool renovations
Summary Lead

9)The Chicago Tribune and Newsday both did a story on the New York Stock Exchange’s recent scandal involving the resignation ex- chairman and chief executive Richard Grasso.
Newsday used a delayed identification for the lead and started with the 139.5 million dollar pay package that caused Grasso to resign. However, the Chicago Tribune used an immediate identification lead and leaned more toward experts and the need for changes in the NYSE system.
The Chicago tribune also reported that Grasso accumulated 188 million dollars and only gave up $48 million of it.
Newsday gave more information about what the NYSE role is in trade forums and securing the firms and traders in those forums. They explained how the “Big Board” was self-regulatory and the article clearly implied that it should not be doing both or more problems like this will arise.
The Chicago Tribune had important quotes from the lead director H. Carl McCall. He basically talked about how the NYSE is going to be different and that change is in the future.
Both articles did a great job of giving information. However, I prefer the Chicago tribune because it had more sources and seemed more in-depth than Newsday. Also I feel that the lead was better constructed.

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September 22, 2003

Here's my assignment from Ch7

Denishia Salter
Practice of Journalism
P.161 Ex. 1-4

1. Who-United Jewish Appeal
What-sponsoring its first walk a thon
Where- Springfield
When- This morning
Why- To raise money for the Soap Kitchen

2. D
What-federal regulation law
Why- to require funeral homes provide an itemized list services and materials they offer, along with the cost of each item

3. C- A new disclosure law going into effect today will make it easier for you to determine the cost of the funeral.
A-Your nations funeral home director are required offer you a detailed cost statements starting today, a service they say they are now ready to provide despite nearly a dozen years of debate our the idea.

I think that the 3rd person is better when dealing with most general broad topics. But if it is directly effecting the reader than the 2nd is better (your mayor in New York), however, I think 3rd person is used a lot more.

4. A nuclear weapon with a yield equivalent to 150,000 tons of TNT was detonated on Tuesday. Detonation was 40 miles from a meeting of pacifists and 2000 ft. beneath the surface of Pahute Mesa in the Nevada desert.

When doing this assignment I acutally learned a lot about how the journalist has to choose what they think is important in a story. And how to go about distributing that info to readers. I liked this chapter. I am still a little upset that he didn't collect it because I took the time to type it but that's ok.

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September 19, 2003

New Sh**

What's up everyone! My name is Denishia Salter and this is my new web log Nish's Word. Though this web log is called Nish's Word it's not just about my word but everyone's word. I'm basically the wick and everyone else is the spark that lights that wick. Anyway there is no real specific topic here in this blog. Whatever you want to say about whatever you want to say it about is fine with me. As log as it's your real opinion. No fake people are aloud in this blog. We want real opinions and real opinions only. Be yourself. Thanks and hope I hear from you soon.

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