November 30, 2003

What Liberal Media

I accidentally made the mistake of reading Goldberg's Bias first and commenting in my journal without reading Eric Alterman's What Liberal Media? Now after reading the ladder they seem like they are nothing more than two debates about what is better conservative or liberal. Does that reminding of Republican and Democratic just a little bit or is it just me?

But I feel that after reading the two that they both make good arguments. But neither will win. Because the media is whatever the ratings or veiwers want it to be. If the paper wants the democrats to say yes to interviews than they make them look good and don't put in any facts that would make them look bad or else the paper doesn't get a story and they miss dealine. If the paper wants to win over the republicans than they do the same. News is never really liberated it's controlled and manipulated.

All media is bias. I'm saying all the time but a huge chunk of it. So I guess if I had to choose a side it would be Bernards even if his arguement was biased in itself.

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Media Bias

Bernard Goldberg's "Bias" was nothing new to me. It sounded like It Ain't Necessarily So except for the fact that Goldberg added in his life story first. Ofcourse the media is bias on issues of labeling for class, political status, and race. They do it all the time. They won't identify a drug dealer as white when he's arrested. They will just say "Bob Jones was arrested on drug chargers."

Yet on the other hand, let the person be of darker skin. Then all of a sudden the lead is "a black male was arrested for possession of cocaine in the Rankin Projects."

Honestly! And no one can tell me any different because I have seen it happen recently on Fox News. The media is always bias on something, depending on the audience they are trying to reach. So this is nothing new to me. A friend told me once that "labeling was nothing but a shortcut to thinking" and I feel that's what the media does sometime.

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November 4, 2003

I am so sick of Bush!!!!!!!!

I am so sick and tired of Bush! He has to go! I can't take it anymore! The economy is falling apart! Gas, water, light, and god knows what else is higher than before. I'm scared. Tuitions are going up everywhere and scolarships are going down.

Bush is a racist and a bastard and all he does is take from the poor and give to the rich. Now he's trying to take medicare away from the sick. It's f****** ridiculous. I just recently read an article by Robert Pear of the NY Times that said that the White House aka Bush and the rest of his rich idiots are trying to cut medicare and succeeding.

They are cutting back the genreal use of tax revenue for medicare too. If the taxes are not paying for those in need to get the medication that is either keeping them alive or preventing them from going crazy; than what the f***is the taxes paying for. Let me guess the oh so important and necessary war so that we can save other people in a country that is not even ours and is causing the unnecessary deaths of so many young Americans.

Sorry I forgot Bush is right everything he does is good for this nation. Get the hell out of here! That's a bunch of bulls***!!! He is a joke and he has to go. Since he suspiciously and unfairly got into office, myself and my family have done nothing but struggle. He doesn't care about anything but trying to win a war that should not have even happened.

And now thousands and thousands of Americans are going to die because they can't afford drugs and treatment that will save their damn lives. My mother has lupus and she cannot work because of a disease that cannot be cured. So he's telling me its her fault she has a genetic disease that prevents her from being able to walk or move on many occassions and Bush is trying to stop her from getting help. My mother will die if she doesn't take a certain pill at a certain time. And he wants to take that pill away because he f***** up!!!!!!! I don't know what many of you think, but if you feel that this is acceptable than don't even think about making a post to comment because your existence is irrelevant, let alone your opinion, so don't worry about it.

But for those of you who care and have family members that our suffering because of Bush. I ask only one favor from you. VOTE!!!!! Your vote counts! Get him the hell OUT!! VOTE! Please!!! I know candidates are few and can't be trusted but please look closely and choose someone else before more people have to suffer. I'm sorry this wasn't a journalistic post, but if it means anything Robert Pear did a thorough job with the article.

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