October 15, 2004

Poetry/Short Stories

Today in my Writing for the Internet class we discussed different topics for individual projects. I felt like this was very productive. Amanda shared with us other people's projects and what they did as far as interactive hypertext like stories and poetry.

I was very interested in the poetry aspect. I am a writer and that's what I do. So I am not very good with the technology part of the whole thing. I was thinking of taking poems and linking them to short stories and so forth. I'm not sure how to do this but I think it will be fun and interesting and it will also help me in the future.

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October 14, 2004

Just For Fun

I wanted to post an entry that had nothing to do with academics what's so ever, just to see how I felt. Its probably going to be pretty random but here it goes.

I decided to give links to the websites that I have been on as of late. Especially since I remember the time when I didn't know how to link!




Oh and by the way the link to Amazon.com is of Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series. If you haven't read her first book of a 14 or 15 book series, Guilty Pleasures than you should because I'm addicted. Currently I don't have anytime to read but when I do I will be on Burnt Offerings which is the 7th book in the series. I can't wait.

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Favorite Blog Entries

This blog entry consist of links to my favorite blog entries up to this point.

My first link is a link to the About Me category, which basically is me talking a little about myself and giving some info on my feelings towards weblogs.

This link is to a category called Weblogs, which basically consists of blog entries that discuss something about weblogging speicifically or the subject. Here you'll find quotes from The Weblog Handbook and my opinion on topics involving weblogs. Also, you'll find a lot of links to other weblogs too.

Photopia. This link is a link to my comments on Photopia an Interactive fiction game. There are also comments from Dr. Jerz and Chris U. We talk about the game and how it affected the users and what would enhance the games effect.

This next link About, consists of entries I posted after reading Writing for the Web. Some research about certain topics, like Gatorade, weightlifting, to summaries on texts for class.So inside you'll find references to the book Writing for the Web, Hot Text, and The Weblog Handbook and quotes from Killian among others.

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Gatorade is it in you?

If you don't already know than I'll tell you again. I'm a basketball player. But in general I am an athlete. And for those of us out there I know that you can relate to this. ...

You've been at practice for over an hour running drill after drill after drill. You start feeling lightheaded and then you see these little black spots in front of you. You ignore them because its your turn next in the drill to do some crazy thing that the coach has planned to make you quicker for the first game that's in 2 months.

You finish the drill but the feeling never leaves. You realize that its extremely hot in the gym and you start to become irritated. Your mouth is dry and you can't help but stare at the water jug longingly. You also notice that your hamstring is cramping up. But why tell the coaches they'll just say that your lazy and your complaining, therefore you deserve more running.....figures. My friend you are suffering from what all of us athletes go thru from time to time.....dehydration.

These symptoms that you feel are warning signs for dehydration.

-Heat Flush
-Muscle cramps and abnormal cramps

If you suffer from any of these during practice please stop and get a drink of water or notify the trainer. I understand you want to make that starting five or remain there but don't put yourself in a situation where you can't play at all. Why do these symptoms occur?

The reasons are because you are sweating so profusely from all that you do that your losing a lot of water.

Sweat 101 states that, "Water is so important that it comprises 60-65% of an athlete's body weight. So when part of that fluid is lost through sweat and not properly replaced it can affect your cardiovascualr system and ability to control temperature." (gatorade.com)

A way to prevent dehydration is not only drinking water, but drinking gatorade.

Gatorade is a product of the Quaker Oats company which is a unit of Pepsico Company.

Gatorade was created by researchers at the Univeristy of Florida when their players suffered from dehydration during a game. They created this beverage as a carbohydrate and electrolytes drink that would replenish and hydrate athletes better than water.(gatorade.com)

When the body loses minerals like sodium and potassium because of sweat, Gatorade replaces these minerals with the electrolytes and carbohydrates in it. In turn helping athletes stay hydrating and putting on them in a position to stay at peak performance longer. (gatorade.com)

I'm not here to promote for gatorade or anything I just simply would not like anymore athletes to suffer from dehydration its dangerous and its not worth it.

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Hot Text

After reading through parts in section three in the Hot Text I have made some summaries on chapter 11 and 12.

In Chapter 11 I found out about a genre, what it is and what you should do with it.
A genre is a way of structuring your information that has become familiar and common with your readers. So that now the readers now can recognize each entry or whatever you’re doing as something that belongs to that category.

Your job when it comes to writing for your genre, is to determine what your tone is, and play with it until you can’t really bend it anymore. Right until you are almost not writing for your genre. But you def. want to say writing for your genre or the agreed upon tone.

In Chapter 12, Hot Text discussed creating customer assistance that actually helps the customers. I found that title to be very interesting first of all because every time I try and use a help button or customer assistance on must sites I either A) end up somewhere I don’t want to be at. Or B) I sit there and look at the contact information to someone’s email address that I know is never going to get back to me. By the time they do I will probably forget what I was even at the site for in the first place.

A quote I found to be very interesting in Chapter 12, was by Jeff Becos and he stated that, “If you have an unhappy customer assistance that actually helps his 6 friends. He tells his 6, 000 friends.” (Hot Text)

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October 13, 2004

Chat Bots

After commenting on Ashley's blog about the great job she did during her presenation about ChatBots. I wanted to blog about some of the interesting things I learned on her blog and my experience with the dreaded Eliza.

Ashley stated that chatbot, "Is a program that attempts to simulate a typed conversation with the aim of fooling a human into believing that they are having a conversation with another person."

Its very interesting to me how little I know about the computer world. Again me and computers don't get along very well from time to time. But I have learned so many new things this year as far as Weblogs, Interactive gaming, and wikipedia goes that its hard to remember it all.

So after hearing that I could maybe have a real conversation with a computer I tried Eliza out, since it was said to be advanced. That didn't go well.
My conversation with Eliza.
> Hello.
How do you do. Please state your problem.
>> Hi
I'm not sure I understand you fully.
>> I'm stressed
Is it because you are stressed that you came to me ?
>> yes
You seem to be quite positive.
>> no i'm stressed, i've said two words how am i positive
Are you saying no just to be negative?
>> are you saying negative just to be negative
Why are you interested in whether I am saying negative just to be negative or not ?
>> why are you interested in negativity
Why do you ask ?
>> to know
Please go on.
>> go on to what?
Does that question interest you ?
>> what question?
What is it you really want to know ?
>> what is it you really want to tell me?
Are such questions much on your mind ?

And after reading this I know you are just as frustrated as I was while I was participating in it. If you would like to try your luck, click on the Eliza link I have at the top of the page.

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Enhance your Performance

Enhance Your Performance
By Denishia Salter

Most high school and young college athletes have a good work out ethic and are familiar with weightlifting techniques, due to a trainer or coach that has helped them. However, there are many of us young athletes out there who are not very familiar or just may not have listened to the coaches or the trainer. There also new techniques, products, or technological improvements that you may not be aware of.

So my purpose in this newsletter is to inform high school and college athletes of these new advancements or suggestions that will be helpful to enhancing their performance in the sport they choose.

Today’s Focus: Before the Workout

The most important part of your workout is before you actually start working out. Many of us neglect this part. I admit I have been guilty of this before. You come into the weight room and instead of stretching like you should, you begin your workout immediately to save time, right? Wrong. This is not something that should be done. Here is a link to a very good fitness weblog that gives step by step instructions on how to begin the workout before the workout.

Stretching Before the Work Out
One of the most FAQ’s about pre-workouts are, Should I eat before of after the work out?
The answer is to eat a meal a couple hours before you work. Here’s a link to more info.

Eating Before You Work Out
Eating a meal a couple hours before the workout is important because it gives the food a chance to digest and become energy. By the way who the heck wants to work out on a full stomach?

Any Questions, Suggestions, or Comments about this article specifically please contact me at: sal0180@acad.setonhill.edu
This article will also be posted on my weblog at: http://blogs.setonhill.edu/DenishiaSalter

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October 12, 2004

Damn Viruses

I hate viruses and whoever invented them should be shot!
My computer is battling a virus write now. I don't even know how it go there! I don't recall opening anything bogus and I didn't put in any scandalous disks. It maybe something else possibly, I don't know a thing about computers (PC's) just learned about that.

The reason for this sudden outburst is I was reviewing Samantha Olinge's weblog and I came across her presentation on Spyware.

Samantha stated that, "Some like me was out in the dark on this subject, I never known what Spyware was. The name makes it sounds like it might be something good to download and get rid of Adware, that’s what I assumed. Amazing!
What is Spyware
1.Computer software that gathers information about a computer user and then transmits this information to an external entity without the knowledge or informed consent of the user."

Well Samantha is def. not the only one because I am also in the dark. I feel very exposed. Darn technology what's next keyboards that copy finger prints? It's really getting out of control. The amount of things that go on and I'm not even aware of them.

Like the trojan virus. Don't know how to stop it. its everywhere. Please beware!

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Computers, When?

I admit I was one of those people who thought that the computer was made in like the 70's. Being that my first experience with a computer wasn't until probably 1990 or so, how can you blame me?

But after reviewing LeCrishaMattox's presentation on the history of the PC not only did I find out that I was wrong but I found out some other interesting facts too.

LaChrisha's site pointed out that the first IBM was founded in 1911.

Also I was astounded to find that it was in 1941 that the first progammable computer was invented by Konrad Zuse. LeChrisha quoted, "that his inventions could calculate thousands of instructions in meaningful order and used memory to store values and numbers." "http://inventors.about.com/library/weekly/aa050298.htm

So my date of 1970 was way off. I also found that the term PC meant personal computer I'm not going to tell you what I tought PC meant previously.....

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I always wondered what a dot com was and why dot com was called a dot com. After reviewing Dr. Jerz's presentation I noticed a link to Dot coms and it took me to the Wikipedia web page.

Here it said that, "Dot-com (also dotcom or redundantly dot.com) companies were the collection of start-up companies selling products or services using or somehow related to the Internet. They proliferated in the late 1990s dot-com boom, a speculative frenzy of investment in Internet and Internet-related technical stocks and enterprises. The name derives from many of their names having the ".com" DNS suffix built into their company name. " This information again came from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dot-com.

I just found it very interesting to find out this fact. I also found it pretty funny when Dr. Jerz explained that all the investors were just randomly giving away thousands of dollars to these young people and asking them to double and triple the money. Meanwhile, they were making nothing and spending more and more money on absolutely nothing. Good thing times changed.

And in comes Microsoft. "Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq: MSFT), headquartered in Redmond, Washington, USA, is the world's largest software company (with over 50,000 employees in various countries, as of May 2004). Microsoft develops, manufactures, licenses and supports a wide range of software products for various computing devices. Its best known product is the Microsoft Windows operating system family, which has achieved near ubiquity in the desktop computer market." Again all this info is from the Wikipedia.

I'm very worried about the Microsoft monopoly. Honestly how much more money do they need?

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October 10, 2004

Pundit Weblogs and Edu-Weblogs

After reveiwing Chris's weblog on Pundit and Edu weblogs I came away with some helpful info.

On Chris's blog he explained quite thorougly that, "Pundit blogs typically deal with the realm of politics (in fact, the word pundit often refers to a person who has authority over others, much like how political figures have power over their communities or states or how more “professional” bloggers can have a profound effect on the opinions of those less-versed in politics)."

And Chris illustrated that Edu-Weblogs, "typically deal with the realm of education (meaning, their purpose is to aid in education, not simply discuss the topic of education itself)."

I then came to the conclusion that I tend to deal extensively with the Edu weblog and what I call personal blogging. But mostly Edu. I try not to tread into the political realm because it causes conlficts and I try to stay away from those. I'm not one to argue on the internet. If someone would like to argue with me I would rather do it face to face like a normal person.

However, I have posted a Pundit blog in the past about Bush. I would not like to go back there though. That was when I first started blogging so don't be mad about the lack of spacing, matter of fact I think I will fix that for the heck of it.

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Close that Door I want some Privacy!

Privacy on the Internet? To post or not to post that on your Weblogs, that is the question?

Every weblog is different. Some people post only political topics. Some only post about class or sports. Then there are others who like to use their weblogs to have intellectual discussions or debates about certain literature or essays.

Then there are those who like to post about their life and what happened to them that weekend or some embarrassing moment in class or at the grocery store.

My point is, no matter what you want to blog about, just be sure to take into consideration that this is the internet and what you write is public and millions of people will read it and link it to you. So don't write anything you don't want the world to see. And you don't have to disclose your gender, race, or phone number.

Rebecca Blood points out, "Just remember that you are under no obligation to provide the weblog-reading public with even an iota of information about yourself. You do them the favor of updating your site on a regular basis, and you owe them nothing more." (135 Handbook)

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