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Textbooks: Fall 2006 Courses

On this page, you'll find links to the Amazon.com pages for the texbooks I'm using this fall. You don't need to purchase them through these links -- you may buy them at the Seton Hill bookstore or elsewhere online.

If you're new to Seton Hill or to me as a teacher, I invite you to visit the Seton Hill community weblog portal, blogs.setonhill.edu. All members of the Seton Hill community may receive a free SHU blog there.

LA 100: Freshman Composition

This course has a shared syllabus, and I'm not planning to add any additional books. The main textbook on the shared syllabus comes with access to online exercises, whcih will be an integral part of the course. Be aware that if you purchase a used copy, you might not be able to access those exercises.

EL 200: Media Lab

EL 236: Writing for the Internet

EL 405: New Media Projects

I'm working with SHU to ensure that you'll be able to play your copy of Half Life on the SHU computers in the lab, for those of you who have Macs instead of PCs. If you have an XBox or you can get some other version of the game, please note that what's really important to me is not the game itself but the software developer's toolkit (SDK) that comes with a copy of the game when purchased for the PC platform. If you already have a Steam account, and you can run the SDK without a copy of Half-Life 2, talk to me when classes get started so we can determine whether you have access to all the tools you'll need.

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